Mischief Madness

28 - Tucson Arizona

Hi! My real name is Michelle but my modeling/performance alias is Mischief Madness.
I am a college graduate with a degree in Mortuary Sciences but have postponed that career to try something a little different.
I am an alt model, music television cohost for "Music & Mayhem w Jon Russell and Mischief Madness", and suspension performance artist in the group Life Suspended located in Phoenix, Arizona. I also GoGo at events when I have time to spare.
My passions include tattoos, body modification, and BDSM. I have about 65% of my body tattoed and have no plans on stopping. My tongue is split, my ears are pointed and I have silicone subdermal implants in my back, chest, and shoulders.
I am a little kinky. I am mostly Dom but there is only a few that can bring out the sub in me. I see myself as an mischievous faery which is where the inspiration for my modifications comes from.
My hobbies include video games, dancing, and rocking out at metal shows. I love anything that sounds heavy: deathcore, metalcore, death metal, and black metal are my favorite subgenres of music.
Thanks for taking the time to look at my profile. Please be sure to vote for my pics so Bizarre will notice me. ^.^

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